Brides to Be

Brides To Be:

Every bride wants to look special on that wonderful day!
If you’ve been having problems with maintaining or losing weight for your big day, look no further, this package may be exactly what you need.
In three months you could lose between 24 to 36 lbs. As your metabolic balance coach, I will monitor your weight over a three
month period, support you and guide you as best I can.

brides, prepare for your special day with metabolic balance
The package offers,
  • Seven appointments, your initial blood test, your food plan.
  • Explanation of your food plan and extended food plan.
  • Your blood chemistry results will determine your food plan.
  • The program will balance your metabolism, giving you hormonal balance, great skin and your desired weight loss goal.
  • You will look and feel fantastic ready to enter a new chapter of your life!

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Why metabolic balance is successful!

While there are several reasons, here are four reasons why it works so well.

1. Your program is 100% personalised and actively supports your unique biochemistry and nutritional needs. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two nutrition plans are exactly alike. Don’t settle for a one diet fits all approach. You are unique and a personalised nutrition program must reflect this fact and be designed just for you!

2. The prescribed foods on your nutrition plan are uniquely designed to affect positive healthy changes while naturally diminishing your food cravings and hunger spells. Hence, you do not suffer from hungry as you do with diets, and food cravings become a thing of the past. You re-establish your natural and healthy sense of hunger.

3. Success breeds success! You start losing fat and weight rather quickly. Average weight lose experienced is 3 to 6 pounds per week. Achieving favourable results fuels and inspires your sense of “well-being”, your energy, commitment and your inner, “I can do it attitude!” New healthy habits are learned and appreciated, while old harmful habits are left behind and with time, forgotten. A new lifestyle emerges that feels great, and allows you to maintain your ideal weight with no yo-yo dieting.

4. You are not alone! You are accompanied by a qualified nutritional therapist and/or other expert practitioners referred to as, metabolic balance personal Coaches. Your personal coach is there to support, teach, guide, encourage, and motivate you along the road to reaching your goal. Personal coaching is a substantial part of your success, and the coaching team is an integral part of every metabolic balance program. With your coach’s instruction, you begin to understand how different foods work to balance your metabolism and which foods hinder your progress. This knowledge is invaluable for reaching and maintaining a healthy, slim and vitalized lifestyle for the rest of you life!

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