Metabolic Balance Price Package

As your coach, I will provide support throughout your three month metabolic balance program. The initial consultation will be at the clinic where I will weigh, and take your measurements. A form for your blood test will be given to you. Before the blood is taken, you will be required to fast 12 hours before the blood test. Any follow up appointments may be organised via Skype.

Metabolic Balance Package

£1200Full three month package
    Three monthly instalment program Available.
  • Initial blood test
  • First appointment will be about taking your case history
  • 6 follow up appointment spread over a three month period
  • Explanation of your food plan tailored around your blood chemistry results
  • Explanation of your extended food plan – Phase 3
  • Email support
  • * Payment Plan Available - Three monthly instalments of £600, the first month, £400 the second month and £200 the last month can be paid.
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