New Year, New You! Lose weight with the Metabolic balance plan

These next few months will be about getting back into some sort of routine, especially after Christmas. We do tend to eat and drink more. Feeling full, with a big turkey dinner, lots of desserts, eating more rich foods like chocolate cakes with frosting, and cream or custard, by the end of lunch, you feel as if there is no room for coffee and all you want to do is sit on the sofa and have a nap!

When the New Year comes around, you probably put on between 5 to 8 lbs. You may even start planning to go to the gym, but find you go for the first few sessions and somehow, you stop going. I would like you to start the year full of motivation and goal setting which is why I am offering a discount on the Metabolic Balance Program, saving you £100 to spend perhaps in the sales!

After registration, you will get as part of your package

  • Your initial blood test
  • Your food Plan
  • Your extended food plan
  • Your full case history taken
  • 6 follow up sessions by me as your Metabolic Balance coach, to monitor how the program is going and encourage you to reach your goal!loose weight with the metabolic balance plan

Perhaps your goal is to improve your skin, or you’ve set yourself a weight loss goal because you’re getting married and want to look your best on your wedding day and in your bikini.

I chose to become a coach because I like that you can choose from a variety of meat, vegetables and other foods, the diet is not boarding and depending on what stage of metabolic balance you are in, you can even enjoy a treat, be it a curry, glass of wine or other!

I have done it myself and found it flexible, if you’re living with other family members, you can eat what they eat, except for things that are not on your plan, for example, you may cook them breast of chicken with rice, but if rice is not on your plan/or stage of the plan, then you can’t have it.

This is not a fad or gimmicky diet, and the food plan is based on what your blood chemistry is telling me, so there is a scientific element behind the diet plan.

So, if you want to lose between 2-4 lbs a week and have great radiant skin, lots of energy, better sleep and a well-balanced metabolism, look no further. For more information contact me on 0208 991 1490 or email me

Start Your New year with a New you!

New Year, New You! Lose weight with the Metabolic balance plan
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