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When people decide to lose weight, like after the holidays, it can be difficult to determine what diet is good for you. Do you go with the flow, choosing the latest fad diet that is on the market? There is a lot of information out there, sometimes you may start a diet with good intentions, and end up discouraged and giving up before realising your goals.
This is why getting the help of a qualified Metabolic Coach can take away the obstacles that you face when starting a diet, according to Christina Martin, a Metabolic Balance coach with West London Nutrition based in Ealing.
“If you’re serious about losing weight in support of your health and wellbeing, getting the right help and support is vital,” Christina said. Christina explained that a recent client came to the clinic after trying many diets “based on trend” on the market and failing to lose weight. “They started the Metabolic Balance (MB) program after trying lots of other diets based ‘on trend’ which haven’t given the client the results they expected and put them into starvation.” She added that the client told her that MB “was so far the best decision I ever made.” “Being a Metabolic Coach has given me a great insight into the pitfalls of dieting, making my choice a simple one when it came to choosing a diet myself,” Christina said.
“Having done the Metabolic Balance program, I enjoyed the plan, giving me a variety of food to choose from, never hungry or had any cravings. And it included a treat meal, the plus for me, was how I improved my health, sleep, and hormonal system.”
The Metabolic Balance program is now in its 11th year in Europe with over 400,000 participants to date and was developed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists. If you have any questions on how Metabolic Balance can help you realise your weight loss goals, contact Christina Martin, the Metabolic Balance coach and naturopathic nutritionist in West London. You can read more about the Metabolic Balance programme by visiting the Metabolic Balance page
healthy eating is supported by the metabolic balance program
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Choosing the right diet – Metabolic Balance
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